Work with me

Special Projects Consultant

I support leaders to bring their passion projects to life. I take ideas from paper to completion, turning your thoughts into things.


Irrespective of where your project stands when we begin, consulting services will refine your strategy and empower you to take action. With a robust plan in place, your project will transition from concept to tangible reality. Consulting holds particular significance for short-term, small-scale initiatives, encompassing:

  • project planning
  • research and development
  • day-of coordination
  • marketing campaigns
Full Service Project Management

This service covers both planning and researching for the project, as well as putting plans into action. This is how projects shift from being just ideas to being successfully completed. As your project manager, I’ll make sure the right people and resources come together to finish your project. Acting as your main support, I’ll handle the day-to-day details of project management, keeping you updated at a high level to ensure the project stays on track and is completed with excellence.

Project: Real Estate Webinar

I reached out to Candice to help up the production value of my project. Thank you for providing me with such a beautiful product. -Tiffany French

Project: Funeral Service Coordinator

In a time when many things need to get done and yet the mind and body are unable to because yo are in shock is when you need someone like Candice Dormon!  Mrs. Dormon is a person who has the ability and professionalism to make the hardest moments in life seamless. From the beginning to the end of our bereavement she was a constant help. She has the talent to help with all the arrangements that she can tailor to your needs and budget. She communicates with the funeral home and the family members to make sure that everyone is clear on what is needed. Her organizational skills and application are unmatched. Coupled with her kind personality and skills she is the very best person to call during this very difficult time of need!  -Iris Ortiz