ASMR: Wash Make-up Brushes with Me

Take Care of the Tools You Use on Your Skin

Don’t skip this important part of caring for your body- caring for the tools you use on your body.

There’s no shame here.

If today is the day you wash your makeup brushes for the first time– good for you! I’m so glad to take this first step with you.

How often do you wash your makeup tools?

What type of soap/cleanser do you use for your tools?

I would never leave you hanging or confused on where to start. Of course, begin where you are with what you have. But, if you need a couple recommendations to keep you from scrolling all night, here are a couple tools I recommend.

Start/Upgrade Your Process:

Brush Cleanser:

Silicone Brush Cleaning Mat:

Brush Drying Rack:

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