About Candice

Special PRojects Consultant

I support leaders to bring their passion projects to life. I take ideas from paper to completion, turning your thoughts into things.

About Candice

At my core, I thrive on aiding others and draw inspiration from the innovative ideas of those around me. As a leader, having a reliable confidant is vital, especially for projects that don’t neatly fit into one person’s responsibilities. These projects often hold significance for your organization’s success or align with critical objectives. With a decade of experience in large-scale nonprofit environments and six years as an entrepreneur, I’ve tackled projects of diverse scopes and complexities from inception to fruition. Equipped with the skill and finesse necessary, I can expertly oversee your unique endeavor while you attend to your top priorities. My portfolio reflects a wide array of endeavors because I’m passionate about assisting visionaries from all walks of life. If your goal is to make a meaningful impact on the world, count on me to stand by your side and champion your mission.

“I reached out to Candice to help up the production value of my project. Thank you for providing me with such a beautiful product.”

“If there is a way to streamline the process, Candice will find it”